New Technologies

Standby Generators

home-generatorWhen you install a stand-by generator, you can be certain that your power will always stay on without interruptions

Residential customers will avoid spoiled food while continuing to enjoy an uninterrupted source of light in their home, along with air conditioning during the summer, and home furnace generating heat in winter…. Read more

Home Automation

homeautomImagine having complete control over your heating, electrical, ventilation and security systems from anywhere in your house, or remotely?

Imagine your home or business being controlled with the tip of your finger through a wall-mounted touchscreen, tablet, or your smart phone…. Read more

Electric Vehicle Chargers

car charging2

If you own an electric car, or are considering purchasing one, imagine having your electric car charged at home without wasting time looking for a charging station.

If you are business owner, don’t miss an opportunity to install electric car chargers at your business for your electric car fleet or for potential customers…. Read more

Solar Panels

Do you want to save money on your next hydro bill or make money through your Hydro service provider? More info coming soon