Standby Generators

Business owners: don’t let a power outage cripple your business.

Home owners: provide warmth and light for your family when the power goes out.

install-a-generator_300_200Do you want to have complete freedom and not have to depend on anyone during next power outage?

Install a stand-by generator, and you can be certain your power will always stay on without any interruptions.

  • We offer reliable and professional installations of stand-by generators for residential and commercial uses.
  • Our stand-by generators work of natural gas or liquid propane feed eliminating the need to stand in length line-ups to fill up gasoline for portable generators.
  • Natural gas powered stand-by generators do not require expensive maintenance unlike gasoline-operated generators.
  • Professionally installed natural gas powered generators can operate without stopping 24 hours per day and 365 days per year without the need to refill with minimum maintenance.
  • Prevent your water pipes from freezing during cold winter days.
  • Installation of stand-by generators is assurance that your home is safe and business is not affected by power loss.


Residential customers will avoid spoiled food while continuing to enjoy uninterrupted source of light in their home while keeping their air conditioners working during the summer and home furnace generating heat in winter.

Commercial use of stand-by generators provides safety, reliability, uninterrupted security systems and savings during unplanned power outages.  Losing power for even a few hours could be very costly or it can create safety hazard for business owners that rely on continuous source of power. Stay open for business while you competition goes dark.

Installation of standby generators ensures your production will not be affected by spoiled inventory of your store or warehouse resulting in loss of revenue and customers.