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From the Electrical Safety Authority

10 Shocking Facts About Electrical Safety

ESA+LogoThis year in Ontario, roughly 2,000 people will end up in the emergency room because of an electrical injury. And more than three quarters of these cases will be urgent. Learn how to spot potential electrical risks and how to avoid them.

Electrical Safety Hazards At Home

In this video, Steve Smith, General Manager for Central Region, Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) walks through a home and identifies common electrical safety issues and how to avoid them.

Your Life Is On the Line

Look up, look out and locate! The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) urges all Ontario residents to remember this simple phrase. Over the past decade, 28 Ontarians have died due to contact with live powerlines—and, sadly, most of those deaths could have been prevented.  To learn more and go to for more information.